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Moseley is a well-established village community within the City of Birmingham, U.K. The village is a lively centre of creativity and is home to an amazing mix of people.

Moseley Park & Pool in Autumn - Brett Wilde

Moseley Forum

Moseley Forum works to improve the area for the benefit of the whole community and covers 9,000 households

Save the Planet public meeting - June 2007

All residents of Moseley are automatically members of the Forum. If you are interested in improving Moseley for the benefit of the community, then come to a public meeting or to one of our committee meetings which are open to the public. To see the Objectives of the Forum click on the About Us link.

If the information you are looking for is not here then please get in touch via the Contact Us page

Proposed changes to the High Street - tell the Council what you think!

CONSULTATION: Birmingham Cycling Revolution proposals for Moseley

Alcester Road will soon receive better facilities for cyclists. How will this affect you? Find out more:
on Thursday July 24th at the Moseley Co-op (3 pm – 7 pm)
on Wednesday July 30th at the MAC (3 pm – 7 pm)

Details are available online: http://tinyurl.com/mew3eab
After responding to the two ‘required’ pages, to focus on Moseley Village, scroll down to comment on six plans:
AR-13 to AR-18.

For other consultation events see http://tinyurl.com/q62l3zu

John Newson has written a summary of the changes in the plans - see attached file below.

Moseley Time Bank

Moseley Time Bank was set up in 2012 by Maria Garcia Bernal of the Moseley Exchange in order to help people out in the local community by offering the voluntary services of others through the means of Exchange Time.

Timebanking is a means of exchange, usually between individuals, where their time and skills are the principal currency. It is based on the principle that everyone has something they can offer to someone else in the community. In doing so they will earn credit that can be exchanged on a skill offered by another timebank member.

Moseley Arts Market

Moseley Arts Market logo

Moseley Arts Market runs along side Moseley Farmers' Market - on the fourth Saturday of the month - running its stalls on Victoria Parade opposite the Farmers' Market on the Village Green. A broad spectrum of artwork, ceramics, jewellery, mosaics, textiles, and other unique hand-crafted gifts produced by artists & designers in & around Moseley are available from a the market.

Made in Moseley logo

Made in Moseley

The products by the local artists & designers can also be found online through the Moseley Exchange website.

Moseley Arts Market

The Arts Market is organised - on behalf of the Moseley C.D.T. - by Steve Boffy of Boffy Arts & Events, Merrow House, Moorend Cross, Mathon, Herefordshire WR13 5PR - www.boffyartsandevents.com - on behalf of the Moseley Creative Forum. For more information:

Moseley Arts Market criteria

To contact Steve direct: boffyoffice@aol.com

AGM - 17th June 2014

Can Moseley become People Friendly, and safer for us all?

If you want to see Moseley Village improved then come along to the Moseley Forum AGM
7.30 to 9pm at St Columba’s Hall followed by refreshments

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