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Moseley is a well-established village community within the City of Birmingham, U.K. The village is a lively centre of creativity and is home to an amazing mix of people.

Moseley Park & Pool in Autumn - Brett Wilde

Moseley Forum

Moseley Forum works to improve the area for the benefit of the whole community and covers 9,000 households

Save the Planet public meeting - June 2007

All residents of Moseley are automatically members of the Forum. If you are interested in improving Moseley for the benefit of the community, then come to a public meeting or to one of our committee meetings which are open to the public. To see the Objectives of the Forum click on the About Us link.

If the information you are looking for is not here then please get in touch via the Contact Us page

Committee Meeting - 26th May 2015

Copy of May minutes attached

Keeping Moseley Moving - A report of our AGM by John Newson

Keeping Moseley Moving
Moseley Forum heard a talk by Anne Shaw Birmingham's Head of Transportation,
following the AGM on 19 June On cycling, she explained that it is difficult to
have separate cycle lanes, since traders object to a loss of on-street
parking. The new 20 mph speed limits should make it safer for cyclists and
pedestrians, but how to get drivers to adopt the lower speed? Phil Jones, a
local transport planner, said that removing white lines and pedestrian
railings do lead to slower driving. He showed examples of "shared
space" schemes giving slow but uninterrupted movement, as is happening in
Coventry City Centre. He outlined ideas for a shared space junction in
Moseley. Traffic flows are the issue, but Phil Jones showed them being static since
2000, while Anne Shaw said the Council is planning for less traffic in future.
A technical study would evaluate if redesign of the junction is feasible.

There was some hopeful news about re-opening stations at Moseley and Kings
Heath, from Toby Rackliff, the rail development manager at WM Integrated
Transport Authority. He said the cost of a curve into Moor Street station
could hardly be justified by a local service, but that there were good
strategic arguments to relieve New Street and link East and West Midlands and
High Speed Rail. Freight traffic is not increasing as predicted, so the line
can run more passenger trains. Mr Rackliff will advocate 2019 as a start date.
There will be public consultation in the next few months, so another chance
to put the case. One study has found that a passenger rail service could take
one million car journeys off the roads per year, so it seems that rebalancing
space on our high streets becomes more possible, if we are to be railway
suburbs once again.

AGM - 9th June 2015

Keeping Moseley Moving - debate on future transport options

Anne Shaw: Head of Transportation Services, Birmingham City Council
Phil Jones of Phil Jones Associates, transport planning consultants

The meeting starts at 19:30
Moseley All Services Club
91 Church Road
B13 9EA

29 April: Parliamentary election hustings

Come and meet your parliamentary candidates!
Wednesday 29th April at 7.30 pm.
Moseley All Services Club
91 Church Road
B13 9EA

Each of the candidates will be invited to make a short speech, followed by a Q&A session.
This is your opportunity to find out which candidate best reflects your views before polling day on Thursday May 7th.

The candidates are:
Roger Godsiff (Labour); Jerry Evans (LibDem); James Bird (Conservative).
Names of other candidates will be posted if/when available.

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